Royal USA Stewardship / Consulting Artist Co-Lab'oration 


Nothing compares with experiential knowledge -

key here however is our combined input to Nav out the future together.


If we look at society as a whole, beginning parameters state: "anyone at any given moment is at an entirely different season of life" therefore, sensitivity wise--this factor must be considered amidst likes dislikes, me, mine and my space--as we attempt to pull our nations all inclusive potential together.

We absolutely cannot step into another persons life or belief systems without consideration, let alone introducing the premise of rest amidst opportunity, what we'd term paradise factors... as we press into re-formation of our nation to the original entnt of what we've termed, AmericanEden.


Amidst a culture where many have AI Tech and/or a TV in there hands, no matter the film, sight or sound project--venue, buzz, biz or vocation, our entnt is to be present listening and aware; as we consider others a source for you and ourselves amidst the "Why Just One" film project, where we pull together every sphere... breaking down the walls that once divided our culture, as we all progress further in sight and sound premise's.

As implied we will be highlighting you amidst the out-working of justice/love and certain societal issues/heart realities, enjoying you, the moments, noting what makes you come alive, hearing whats on your heart, mind, seeing your best version and, protecting the connection amidst imperfection in this unique journey, we call life.

One Faceted Goal

We live in a complex competitive world let alone amidst jealously/rage etc. this site operation is specifically targeting the removal of the "negative/critical monitor".

As stated, strategically placing camera/eyes/hearts and minds on what is right amidst our nation and the world; targeting 'together' societal solutions while not hurting one another as that produces nothing of value.

Goal: restoration of lives, families, inner cities--potential among these... establishing 

Community Artist Centers to the outworking of Community Events.


Collaboration inspired centers with musical equipment camera/film editing equipment, sound/audio equipment one facet; eventually tied into corporate individual economic systems where strength of action groups progress to free many into their creative purposes.

Events 'that make a vital impact through giving', sight sound dance collaboration with many unique artists... filming all at city/community events together. Time duration for film unknown / shooting footage then onto editing, dubbing music - then out onto Netflix etc. 

Facets of AmericanEden -

Corporately with opportunities... for those who have the bandwidth... out of the deepest place of the heart for us and all of these.

Let's talk... if you have a hope-filled corporate vision; we are pressing into team formation to 'lets help one another facilitate factor'.


This is a friend to friend venture, no creed or club to join . If we're entnt (humorously serious) concerning effecting societal infrastructure, then as a whole, we've got no bars or barriers as a hold.

Example Friend / Oz Freedom -

(One Co-host as we invite you!/Photographer/Cameraman, USA Asset) 


This brother is very personable and highly into the discovery of life in its original entnt. He has an openness, a childlike stance concerning others in what I'd call "the trust factor". Oz is a perfectly suited host, (moving in the realms of hospitality/generosity) and, he seeks to know and live in the virtues of healing.

Oz shows himself as very friendly, therefore, he has many friends.​ This is a big part of our premise, discovery--as all have a bend inside themselves, that purpose/original entnt for which we are, to enjoy.


In the end we have literally seen the future and the final outcome is good. Our stance in this is "what happens when the impossible and the unimaginable comes together"?

... we hit a realm and an era which has never been seen, heard or experienced before.

Who you are in the midst of these matters?

That is our question to you and this is our purposed creative design.

(you shall be known as we are known).


In time this process of getting you on camera will bring forth the hidden faceted practical, that which WE carry "as an asset together" being societal infrastructure solutionist's.

This that we mention shall renew many with an 'original entnt' -

a fresh purpose and reason to live ... 'both practically and creatively', as you join in the realization that--this won't happen without you, stating... you are more valuable than ever imagined!

Johny Qwest, CEO, AmericanEden Entertainment (AE&E)©